Are you living with pain?

You do not have to.



With gentle exercise, review causes of pain, and improved body mechanics mom can return to normal activity.


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Find relief from pelvic floor pain/dysfunction with the right treatment and support by a pelvic floor physical therapist.


Pelvic Pain

Women experiencing pelvic pain can be managed and treated by a pelvic floor physical therapist to improve quality of life.



Strengthening your core can help to alleviate pain and discomfort while developing whole body strength, improve posture and balance.


Manual Therapy

Experience a hands-on
approach in treating pain.

a Holistic Approach

Post Cancer Rehab

We assist with managing the side effects of cancer treatments and returning you to a life you want to live.


When You Arrive

Your physical therapist will spend time with you to learn about your condition and how your condition is affecting your life.


Why Are We Different?

Receive one on one treatment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for one hour.

Meet The Team

HelpING People thrive

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Now hiring Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists to help our clients maximize their quality of life.

Dr. Nancy Cano, PT, DPT

Believes this is an area that is under-served in the medical community and has a passion to serve the special needs of these women.

Marie Chandler, PT

Pilates brings the possibility to help people age in a strong body.

Dr. Natalie Bays PT, DPT

Dr. Natalie Bays PT, DPT

She believes that the body should be viewed as a whole and that all systems work together for ultimate health and recovery.

About Us

N-Balance Physical Therapy specializes in Women’s Health Physical Therapy and Manual Orthopedic Therapy. At N-Balance Physical Therapy you are treated one-on-one, for up to an hour with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We also offer post-rehab Pilates/Wellness programs to help you continue your journey of better health and wellness. Our philosophy is assessing the whole body, finding and treating the root cause of pain. If you treat the root cause, the pain should resolve. Whether it is a new injury or a chronic problem we can help.