During pregnancy, women undergo significant physical, emotional, hormonal, and mental changes as they grow and nurture their babies. Each pregnancy is unique and, as such, symptoms and experiences differ from woman to woman. Pregnant women are often told that symptoms such as pelvic pain, constipation, urinary incontinence, feeling pressure in her pelvis, low back pain, etc. are normal and expected. While these symptoms may be common, they are treatable and can be improved upon with the help of a pelvic floor physical therapist. In fact, studies show that women who receive treatment from a pelvic floor physical therapist during pregnancy report more satisfaction with their pregnancy, less pain, and improved postpartum recovery.

During the postpartum period, women often only have one follow-up visit with their doctor regardless of their birth experience. While some women have their
babies within a few hours, others may labor for days. A woman who experiences an unusually long stage of active labor will most likely have more complications
during her postpartum recovery period. As pregnancies are unique to each mother, so are their birth experiences, and we believe that individualized treatment during the postpartum period is critical for a safe and healthy recovery as well as to prevent pelvic problems which may occur later in life.

Pelvic floor physical therapy can help with: